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Fill in your zipcode below to see your city's latest water report. Test My Water provides free water reports from the city and shows what contaminants have been found in your water.

The Steps are Simple:

Test My Water collects your local city's EPA required water test to match it against a free in home water test performed by a Test My Water local partner. We then share this data with local homeowners, municipalities, and businesses in the clean water industry with the goal of creating awareness and being a catalyst towards solutions to the current water crisis that many in the US are facing.

Ensuring Water is Safe & Healthy

What Do We Test?
We test for contaminants found your city’s most recent water report.

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How Do We Test?
We provide an in home test using the water from your kitchen faucet.

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Why Do We Test?
To compare city reports with in-home data to provide a database of contaminates.

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