Practically everyone knows how important it is to drink plenty of water. Despite this, most of us still drink much less than we should. It can be easy to forget to stay hydrated until you become thirsty, which means you are already dehydrated. Fortunately, there are several simple habits that you can implement to help you remember to drink more water before you have to deal with dehydration.

Add Flavor to Your Water

One way to make drinking water more enjoyable is to add some flavor. You can make the process more exciting by adding some fruits or even vegetables to your water. Some good examples are lemon slices, cucumbers, mint leaves, strawberries, or whatever you want. It makes your water taste good and gets you excited to keep hydrated. The longer you let the water sit with the add-ins the more you will be able to taste. You can play around with different combinations until you find something you love.

Set Times to Drink

Another way to create better water drinking habits is to have set times that you do it. Plan out a few good times to drink a cup of water and stick to your plan. One example could be right before you go to the bathroom. Try to drink a full cup of water each time before you take a bathroom break. You can find other times to implement this such as while you are driving, right before you leave for work, and a really good idea is to drink a full glass of water in the morning when you wake up. If you stick to your set times, it will become a habit and easy for you to remember. You could even set an alarm for each hour and make yourself drink a cup of water.

Drink Before or During Every Meal

Get in the habit of drinking water with each meal. It is also a good idea to sip on some water while you are preparing your food or waiting for it. This is just a simple little habit that can make a big difference. As an extra bonus, drinking a glass of water can also help regulate your appetite. It can help you feel more full so you do not eat more than you need to.

Track Your Cups

A great way to make sure you are drinking enough water is to track exactly how much you are drinking. There are several water tracking apps to use such as Daily Water that can help you effectively track your daily water intake. You could also simply use a journal to track your water. Another good idea is to look into a water bottle that will help you keep track of your water intake. There are several with markings on them to tell you how many cups you have had. You could even take a glass or clear plastic bottle and use a dry erase marker to make your own markings.

Always Carry a Water Bottle

It is much easier to remember to drink water if you have it with you at all times. If you are constantly carrying around a water bottle and looking at it, it will be hard for you to forget to drink up. It is also difficult to stay hydrated if you do not have any water to drink. Take some time to find a good water bottle that you like. There are several different types of water bottles to choose from. If you find a bottle that you like, it will encourage you to carry it with you wherever you go and drink from it throughout the day.

Set Your Own Goals

Set goals for yourself to keep yourself motivated and encouraged. You can even make it a sort of game for yourself. You can give yourself some small rewards to encourage yourself to reach your goals each day. On top of that, you can also give yourself small penalties for not reaching your daily goals. For example, if you do not reach your goal one day you can say no TV or videogames until you make up for it.