What is Phosphate?

Phosphates are chemical compounds containing phosphorous. Phosphorous is a nonmetallic element found naturally as phosphates in rock or clay. It is found as a salt or inorganic mineral. It is often used in fertilizers to improve a plant’s overall health. Phosphorous is also found naturally in a lot of the food we eat such as dairy products, nuts, eggs, and poultry. While the element is essential for our health, consuming it in excess can pose some great dangers. Phosphates are often added to foods to improve the taste and other things. It is also often added to our water. We are all likely consuming the additive in excess and it is putting us in danger.

Why it is Added to Drinking Water

Phosphates are often added to our drinking water to try to inhibit pipe corrosion. It is used to try to restrict metallic elements such as lead and copper from leaching into our water through pipes and fixtures. Inorganic phosphates in drinking water are used to form an orthophosphate. This is used to create a protective coat of insoluble mineral scale on the inside of water lines and plumbing. It is used to keep lead and copper levels low in our drinking water by restricting the corrosion of the pipes and the leaching of these metals into the water.

Some Health Concerns

Consuming an excess amount of phosphate can cause some serious health issues. Some health risks of consuming phosphate are that it can lead to a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, hardening of the arteries in your heart, and heart attacks. It can also have a negative impact on your bone health. It can damage blood vessels and even induce aging processes.

How to Keep Your Water Safe

To know if there are high, dangerous, levels of phosphate in your water you can have your water tested. A water test can tell you exactly what is contaminating your water, whether it be phosphorous or other dangerous pollutants. Once you understand what is in your water, you can take the next steps to solve the problems and get clean water. There are several different water filter options designed to fit any of your needs and help to keep your water safe.