Cosmetic Benefits of Water for Your Hair and Skin

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Cosmetic Benefits of Water for Your Hair and Skin

Everyone knows drinking water is essential and doing so comes with several, often unexpected, benefits. While drinking plenty of water can have a significant effect on your health, it can also even give you some bonus cosmetic benefits. Water is the healthiest, cheapest, and likely the most useful trick and cosmetic resource. Water can benefit you whether it is working on the inside or outside of your body. It will keep you looking and feeling healthy.

Here is some cosmetic benefits water:


  • Rinsing your hair in cold water leaves it looking shiny and glossy once it dries
  • Using soft water instead of hard water, your hair will be softer and smoother to manage
  • The weight of each strand of your hair is made 1/4 of water, so drinking water helps your hair stay healthier look livelier
  • Dehydration can reduce healthy hair growth, so staying hydrated can help your hair grow long and strong
  • Drinking water helps keep your scalp hydrated and reduce dandruff
  • Staying hydrated helps reduce hair loss, thinning, and breakage


  • Skin is an organ, so drinking plenty of water helps it stay healthy and functioning well
  • Drinking water helps keep your skin moisturized (this is especially helpful during the cold, dry seasons)
  • Drinking lots of water is an adequate replacement for expensive anti-aging creams-it keeps your skin soft, supple, and reduces fine lines while increasing elasticity
  • Water reduces wrinkles and helps you look younger
  • Water enhances your complexion
  • Staying hydrated helps battle skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema
  • Drinking plenty of water helps your body flush out toxins and makes your skin look much healthier
  • Rinsing your face in cold water closes your pores, and helps block dirt from entering and causing acne

Additional Cosmetic Benefits

  • Staying hydrated can help to strengthen brittle and weak nails
  • Drinking more water will also help your nails grow and fix your dry cuticles
  • Drinking plenty of water can help you get rid of a sunburn faster

Clean Water

Water can do so much good for your body, both inside and out. Since water is something that is essential for human health and it is something you use every day, it is vital that the water you put in and on your body is clean. Clean, healthy water is essential. Using water with nasty, harmful contaminants can do more damage than good. A good idea would be to have your water tested to make sure that the water you use is of the utmost quality and benefiting you as much as it can rather than harming you.

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