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Customer Reviews

By completing free in home water tests people like you have helped us come closer to our goal of providing people, cities and the water industry with the data they need to work towards clean sustainable water solutions.


Best decision ever!…

Had some issues about the color of the water coming out of my shower. I didn’t know where to turn. Had test my water come out and got to the bottom of the problem. Best decision ever!

Facebook logoDajuan , August 29


Test my water was AMAZING…

Test my water was AMAZING from the start, very friendly, professional & patient answering my questions! The company is a awesome company they also do charitable donations. What’s left to say?

Facebook logoMiles, August 29


Test my water saved my parents lives and mine…

Test my water saved my parents lives and mine .They always makes sure that us families have clean safe water. so pleased by this company I recommend it to anyone!

Facebook logoKatelynn, August 29

I was shocked…

I was shocked to see my cities report and even more surprised when I saw my water test.

Facebook logoDwayne, February 20

Great Information!

Great Information!

Facebook logoMel, March 14


Did a great job…

Mark came out and tested our water and did a great job of presenting the water filtration units.

Facebook logoLonnie, November 15


Very impressed with the professionalism…

Very impressed with the professionalism and courtesy of the two technicians that tested my water! The quality is now amazing!

Facebook logoMicah, August 28

I had my water tested today…

I had my water tested today. There were some disturbing findings in the test results. I highly recommend the test.

Facebook logoDarlene, July 5

I was shocked at my water results…

I was shocked at my water results, WATAUGA, TX. So helpful to know this.

Facebook logoChinyelu, August 28

Get your water tested to put your mind at ease!

You ALL need to know what’s in your water! Are you consuming, cooking or bathing in contaminants that you don’t know about? We’ve all heard about the Flint, MI water disaster over the years, do you know what’s in the water you’re allowing your family to use on a daily basis? Get your water tested to put your mind at ease!

Facebook logoTina, March 14

Thank you for making my life better in each and every way!…

I was getting stomach cramps and nausea from drinking the water in north Dallas after going to the Dr. and finding out I was taking in high amounts of zinc. I got on line and searched for the cause and found out water was the problem. I usually drink water from the tap. I found testmywater.orgĀ online and tested my water at home and helped me get to their techs helped me get to the bottom of the problem right away! Thank you for making my life better in each and every way!

Facebook logoChris, September 1


All i can say is wow!…

All i can say is wow! I am really surprised about my test results, I was never one to drink from the tap but after comparing my tap water to the bottled water i was drinking i am definitely second thinking buying the cheap store brand water…. Thank you TMW for opening my eyes to whats really going on.

Facebook logoAndrew, September 1

I recommend that we all use Test My Water…

I recommend that we all use the test my water, so we know what’s in it.

Facebook logoRhonda , October 15

Thank you…

Thank you for creating awareness about the water in our community.

Facebook logoRebecca , March 14


The best…

They are the best.

Facebook logoDan , August 28