External Benefits of a Whole House Water Filter System

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External Benefits of a Whole House Water Filter System

When someone thinks of a whole house water filter system, they typically associate it only with drinking water. While it does significantly improve the quality of drinking water in a home, it does so much more.

Clean Dishes

With a whole house water filter system, you can expect your clean dishes actually to be clean. Without any unwanted chemicals, you can get genuinely clean dishes. The marks and spots commonly found on newly washed dishes are a result of dried water contaminants. When your water is truly clean, you can know that your dishes will be as well.

Helps Improve Breathing

This one is especially important for someone with asthma or allergies. Contaminated water can bring harmful chemicals into your home that can irritate your lungs. The pollutants can be released into the air and affect the air you are breathing.

Healthier Baths and Showers

Most unfiltered water contains large amounts of chlorine. Chlorine gets added to water to help disinfect it and get rid of other pollutants. Chlorine, however, can be harmful to a person’s health even if they do not ingest it. Chlorine in your shower or bath can cause dizziness, irritation to the eyes,¬†and is a known carcinogen, which is a cancer-causing agent.

Extended Life of Appliances

Using a whole house water filter system can help to extend the lives of appliances that use water. Contaminated water typically contains dirt, sediment, and various metals. When these pollutants run through the pipes in the devices, they can cause the pipes to clog and decrease the quality and effectiveness of the appliances.

Better Hair and Skin

Who knew the trick to have better hair and skin was just to use better water? Without any unnecessary pollutants in your water, you will notice both your hair and skin will look and feel much healthier. Your hair will be less dry and tangled, and more soft and shiny. Your skin will also be much less dry and will look and feel better than ever. This is because several of the contaminants in water are drying and harmful to your body, such as chlorine.

Better Clothes

You will even notice a difference in your clothes with the use of a whole house water filter. They will last longer with less fading and brighter colors.

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