Florida Has Begun Converting Humidity to Drinking Water

Florida has discovered a new, innovative way to get clean water to drink. Often times, having enough water as well as making sure it is safe to drink is a major concern. The state also deals with intense humidity, so some resourceful inventors have discovered a way to use the humidity to their advantage. The company, Atmospheric Water Solutions or AWS, has created a device called the AquaBoy Pro. This high-tech device can harness humidity from the air and convert it into useable, drinkable water.

How It Works

The device has a sleek design that resembles a water cooler and costs upwards of about $1,600. It works by drawing in the air with high humidity. The warm vapor in the air makes its way into the machine and comes in contact with cool stainless steel coils on the interior of the machine. This creates condensation and, with it, water in its liquid form. After it is condensed, it is run through seven different filters to ensure it is clean and completely safe to drink.


The AquaBoy Pro can convert up to 5 gallons of drinkable water in a single day if there is a high enough humidity. The effectiveness and amount of water produced depend on the humidity level in the air. It will still produce water if the humidity level is low, just slightly less than it would with more intense humidity. You can keep it in your kitchen and still get water, but if you put it somewhere such as your garage where there is more humidity, you will get much more water. In order to function, the temperatures must be in between 55 and 110 degrees and the humidity must be between 28% to 95%.


This is a great solution to help take full advantage of all our resources. With drought being a realistic and concerning issue, it is important to conserve the water we do have and find new water sources. It also takes advantage of intense humidity that tends to be viewed as an uncomfortable issue.

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