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Fill in your zipcode below to see your city's latest water report. Test My Water provides free water reports from the city and shows what contaminants have been found in your water.

How do we Test?

Test My Water compiles data from city's public water tests, as well as from local homeowners' water tests. We provide a free in-home water test for every homeowner within our coverage area. We provide five to ten in-home tests using water directly from the homeowners sink. These tests are done on location to ensure the integrity of each test; homeowner must be present for service.

Test My Water requires third party partners to be certified and licensed by the state, as well as be in good standing with the Better Business Buraeu. Test My Water while not affiliated with the third party partners, provides guidelines for the test to ensure the integrity of the data.

Every city's water report shows different levels of contaminants in their results. Test My Water in-home tests and results may vary based on location. See the What Do We Test page of Test My Water for more information on the various tests performed.

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