Simply drinking a glass of water can have a greater impact than you likely realize. Just taking a drink of water can improve your productivity by 14%. It is so important to stay hydrated because our brains are 85% made up of water. There are several ways our brains are able to function better after they are hydrated. Here are some examples.

Thirsty Brains are Distracted

When your brain is dehydrated, it is focused on trying to get water rather than the task you need to complete. The brain of a thirsty person is constantly focused on sending messages to the body to get some water. While it is busy doing this, it is unable to concentrate fully and complete what needs to be done. Drinking water can also help to improve your memory. It can be difficult to be productive if you are struggling to remember little things. When your brain is fueled and focused, you will find it much easier to remember the things you need to.

Boosts Energy

If you feel fatigued and like you are lacking energy, it could be a sign of dehydration. Simply drinking some water and staying hydrated can greatly increase your energy and therefore your productivity. It can be extremely difficult to get work done when you can hardly keep your eyes open. Drinking coffee can make your energy spike before causing you to crash. Drinking water, however, is a healthy way to give you the energy that will last and sustain you. Next time you catch yourself dozing off when you are trying to work, before reaching for the coffee, try grabbing a cup of water and notice the difference.

Relieves Headaches

It can be extremely difficult to concentrate and get stuff done when you have a stinging headache. Rather than immediately reaching for the painkillers, which can harm your gut and intestines, try drinking some water. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day because it can help to relieve and even prevent headaches.

Decreases Anxiety

Simply drinking some water can decrease your anxiety and calm you down. It is difficult to get anything done when you are overly stressed and frazzled. If you find yourself in this place, make sure you stay hydrated. Take a little break, grab some water, and take some deep breaths. This small step can be highly effective in calming you down and helping you to improve your productivity.