Point-of-Use Filters: Benefits and Disadvantages

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Point-of-Use Filters: Benefits and Disadvantages

Point-of-use filters are one of the many water filtration options available to help you receive clean water. These filters clean the water at a specific point of use. They will filter the water at a specific spot such as in your kitchen sink faucet, your shower, your washer machine, or any other place you want clean water. This type of filter has several benefits as well as some disadvantages. Here are some benefits and disadvantages of a point of use water filter.

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Benefits of a Point-of-Use Filter


This type of filter is one that is effective yet inexpensive. This filter specializes in offering better-tasting water. If that is all you want, this type of filter is perfect for you.

Easy Installation

A point-of-use filter is extremely easy to install. The homeowner can do it all on their own with little to no tools. It is also easy to maintain.

Can Be Installed in an Apartment

Unlike several water filter options, this kind of filter can be installed in an apartment. A larger point-of-entry system may not be a possible option for someone in an apartment. This filter is a realistic option.

Gives Good Tasting Water

This filter is a great option to greatly improve the taste of your water.

Small and Convenient

A point-of-use filter typically goes under the sink at the point you would like to filter. It is small, convenient, and out of sight. This type of filter may also attach directly to the faucet. In this case, itis still small and easy to use.

Disadvantages of a Point-of-Use Filter

Fixing Faucet

Need a Separate Faucet

If you use an under-the-sink point-of-use filer, you will need another hole for your filtered water to flow. This often causes you to have to replace your existing kitchen faucet.

Needs Regular Maintenance

These filters require filter cartridges that need to be changed periodically. Depending on the filter you use, you may need to change the cartridge anywhere between 3-12 months.

Can Only Filter a Single Spot

One disadvantage of this type of filter is, with is, you can only receive filtered water from a single spot in your house. It does not do anything to improve the quality of water for the rest of your house.

Does Not Do Much to Improve Water Quality

This filter does not do much to improve the healthiness of your water. The main goal of this filter is to improve the taste and smell, rather than overall health and quality. These filters do not remove many dangerous water contaminants.

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