A water filter is important for helping to keep your home safe and healthy. There are several important things to know about water filters before you invest in one.

Not All Water Filters Are The Same

There are several different types of water filters, designed to meet any need. They are not all the same but are instead designed for different purposes. Several filters are designed to filter out specific contaminants. It is a good idea to have a water test done in your home to see which specific contaminants are infecting your water. This way, you will be able to choose the best filter for your home. There are also several different options for how your water can be filtered. You can get smaller filters, or point-of-use filters, to clean your water at specific spots in your house such as your kitchen sink. Another option is a point-of-entry filter which will make it so all the water that enters your home will be cleaned. The type of filter that is right for you will depend on your wants and needs concerning your water. It is important to understand these things before purchasing a water filter.

Always Factor In the Cost and Extent of Maintenance

Many water filters require you to regularly change the filter cartridge. Depending on how often the cartridge needs to be replaced, the cost can add up and the extensive maintenance requirements can become a great hassle. While you may think you are saving by opting for a cheaper filter, do not forget to factor in the cost of filter replacements. You should consider how much water you and your family use and be sure you get the right option for your needs. If you have a large family, a small filter is not the best option considering you will likely need to replace the filter often. If you live alone, however, a smaller, less expensive filter could be the perfect option.

Filtered Water Is Better For You and the Environment

You are likely aware of some of the dangerous water contaminants infecting our tap water. Using a water filter is a great way to help keep yourself and your family healthy and safe. Filtered water is also a much better alternative than bottled water. First off, it is much healthier for you. It is also much better for the environment as plastic is toxic for the planet.

Filtered Water Can Affect More Than Just What You Drink

A whole house, or point-of-entry, water filter is beneficial because it affects much more than just the water you drink. Using filtered water in all aspects of your life can have some major benefits. Cosmetically, using filtered water in your baths or showers causes your skin and hair to be softer, healthier, cleaner, and less dry. It is also much more effective in cleaning throughout your house. It is better for washing your clothes because it makes them cleaner, last longer, and not become stiff or dull. It also helps in cleaning dishes and eliminates the unappealing water stains that often form on dishes after they run through the dishwasher.