The Common but Dangerous Process of Chlorination

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The Common but Dangerous Process of Chlorination


Chlorination, or chlorine treatment, is the dangerous, yet highly common, process of adding chlorine as a disinfectant to drinking water. It is one of the methods available for treating infected water. Chlorine will be added to drinking water before the water is distributed for public use. This form of disinfection has been the predominant method for cleaning drinking water for over 70 years.

Why It is Used

Chlorination is used to disinfect drinking water and kill harmful bacteria. This process is used so often because it is cost effective and convenient. Chlorine is inexpensive and is easy to produce, store, transport, and use.

Health Risks

While trying to eliminate certain health risks, chlorine presents a list of risks of its own. Adding chlorine to water only replaces the problems it is trying to solve. Chlorine is dangerous and not good for your body.


Chlorine can hurt your body even if you do not consume it. Showering in chlorine infected water is horrible for your hair and skin and can cause your skin to become dry, flaky, and itchy. Chlorine exposure can result in itchy, painful, and discomforting rashes. Chlorinated showers also strip your hair of vital moisture and oils. Water infected with chlorine can create dry, dull hair and skin that can appear less attractive and feel less soft. As a result, you can look older than you are.


Practically everyone can attest to the pain you feel in your eyes when they come into contact with chlorine. If you have ever opened your eyes underwater in a chlorinated swimming pool, you know the feeling. While most taps do not have chlorine as highly concentrated as a swimming pool, the dangers are still there. Not only does chlorine cause discomfort and irritation to the eyes, but it can lead to dangerous infections. Chlorine can wash away the tear film in your corneas. This makes it so your eyes are not protected from harmful bacteria which can lead to eye infections that can be either bacterial or viral.


Chlorine is designed to kill living organisms, so if you drink it, it can cause extreme harm to your body. It kills cells and tissues in your body. A few cancers it can produce are blatter cancer, breast cancer, and colon cancer.

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