While fluoride is not something people are typically concerned about, it should be. This contaminant has been proven to cause several negative health effects. Despite this, it is everywhere. About 74% of the water in America has been fluorinated. This means that it has been intentionally added to the water. Even bottled water is not always safe. Around 10% of bottled water also contains fluoride.

About Fluoride

Fluoride is added to water to help improve dental health and prevent tooth decay. While there is evidence to prove that fluoride does, in fact, help to aid in dental health, there is no need to ingest it. Most toothpaste and other dental products already contain fluoride. This is all we need of it. Using it in toothpaste, directly on our teeth is beneficial, but constantly ingesting it is pointless and even dangerous. Many advanced nations have yet to fluoridate their water. Despite this, they have seen a major reduction in tooth decay over the past 50 years. This shows that drinking fluoride is not necessary for keeping our teeth healthy. Only 13 countries, including America, fluoridate over 40% of their water.

Some Dangers of Fluoride

Drinking water with fluoride can present several dangers to your health. Here are some of the potential effects of fluoride in your water.


Fluoride is stored in your bones and it accumulates over the course of your whole lifetime. Too much fluoride in your bones can cause some major issues such as bone brittleness and increased risk of fracture. It can cause skeletal fluorosis which is a crippling condition that can develop in people with too much fluoride in their bones. The disease symptoms are similar to osteoarthritis.

Brain and IQ

As of 2018, 100 studies have been conducted, observing the relationship between fluoride and brain function in both animals and humans. Of the 100 studies, 98 have shown that elevated fluoride levels are associated with lower IQ in humans and reduced brain function in animals.


In the 1930s doctors would prescribe fluoride to people with overactive thyroids. In 2015, British scientists reported that fluoridated water in Britian is associated with under-active thyroids. Fluoride is associated with iodine depletion and a reduction in thyroid hormone production. This can cause several unpleasant symptoms such as fatigue, muscle/joint pain, depression, weight gain, menstrual disturbances, impaired fertility, impaired memory, and inability to concentrate.

Male Infertility

Over 60 animal studies have been conducted showing that fluoride has adverse impacts on male fertility. In the animal tests, they observed that fluoride can cause decreases in testosterone levels, reduced sperm motility and quantity, and altered sperm morphology. Not many studies have been conducted on humans, but it has been reported that in places in America where there is more than 3ppm of fluoride in the water, the men had lower fertility levels than average.

How To Avoid Fluoride

It is a good idea to figure out if you have fluoride in your water, and if so, how much. To know this, you need to have a water test done in your home. This test will tell you everything you need to know about the contaminants in your water. Once you know the specific contaminants in your home’s water, whether it is fluoride or not, you will be able to figure out the best ways to fix the problems. There are several water filtration options, designed to fit your specific needs. There are plenty of ways to avoid fluoride including ensuring that you have the right water filter in your home.