The Harms of Drinking from Bottled Water

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The Harms of Drinking from Bottled Water

Many people opt for bottled water because they do not like the taste of tap water, or they have heard of the dangerous contaminants found in most sources of public drinking water. Most people, however, do not actually know where their bottled water comes from. They assume, since the bottle features a beautiful picture of fresh springs in some natural mountain, that is where their water is being sourced. Sadly, those convincing pictures are typically a cunning marketing tactic used to convince you that the water they are selling is better than it is. If not fresh spring water from some exotic mountain, what then really goes into bottled water?


More than half of all bottled water comes straight from the tap. It is run through a simple filter to improve color, taste, smell, and remove a few specific contaminants. Bottled water, however, is not legally required to be free of contaminants. Each city is required to do an annual water test, where the tap water contaminants must be at a legal level, but bottled water is never checked.


Unless the label on the bottle specifically tells you where the water came from, it is safe to assume it is from the tap. The pictures on the bottle tell you nothing other than the company wants to convince you to buy their water.

Toxins From Plastic

When you drink bottled water, you have to take in account the toxins that you will be ingesting from the plastic. The plastic from the bottle leaks toxins into the water, and the longer the water sits in the bottle, the more toxic it becomes. One harmful chemical found in bottled water is a metallic element that can have negative effects on a persons health with symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, and even depression. Even if your bottled water comes from an uncontaminated source, it is not necessarily free from contaminants.

Wasting Money

Not only is bottled water harming your body, but it it harming your wallet. Bottled water costs nearly 2,000 times more than tap water. Bottled water costs about $0.89-$8.26 per gallon while tap water only costs a fraction of a cent per gallon.

Environmental Hazards

On top of everything, drinking bottled water is dangerous to the world around you. By reducing your use of water bottles, you can do your part in helping preserve our planet.


Only about 23% of plastic gets recycled, so that means close to three fourths of all plastic used gets wasted. Plastic is a major source of pollution that covers the planet. The reason it is such an issue, is that no one knows how long it takes to decompose, or if it even does.


Not only does the plastic in water bottles dissolve into the water, but it breaks down and gets released into the air, water, and soil. Plastic is full of harmful chemicals that are killing living organisms.


We suggest getting your water tested regularly and investing in a water filter system that would prevent these contaminants and toxins from entering your body.

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