The Negative Cosmetic Effects of Water Chlorination

Chlorine is something you can expect to come in contact with when you are swimming in a pool. The chemical, however, is often found in great amounts flowing through the faucets in our homes. Chlorine is often added to drinking water to kill certain viruses and bacteria, but unfortunately, the additive can cause some negative repercussions. There are some serious risks of chlorine for your health as well as present some cosmetic disadvantages. There are so many health effects as well as cosmetic disadvantages of chlorine in your drinking water.

How Chlorine Affects Skin

Being exposed to chlorine effects your skin in several ways. It can cause your skin to dry out by stripping the skin of its natural, healthy oils. It can cause the skin to feel tight, dry, and itchy. People with sensitive skin are faced with more danger. Exposure to the chemical can cause irritation or a rash. Repeated exposure can be especially harmful to certain skin concerns such as eczema and acne by causing them to flare up.

How Chlorine Affects Hair

Chlorine can also cause harm to your hair, making it dry and discolored. Chlorine strips your hair sebum which is its natural lubricant. Without this lubricant, the hair is left dry and coarse. Repeated exposure to this chemical can cause the protective cuticle in your hair to crack, leading to breakage and split ends. When chlorine interacts with copper and other metals in pipings, it creates a blue-green tinge. This coloring can get into your hair and affect someone with light, blonde hair, coloring it that blue-green hue.

What To Do About Chlorine In Your Water

Chlorine is a chemical that infects a lot of people’s water, unfortunately. There are, however, ways for you to combat the issue. Before you can begin to solve the problem, you need to understand the extent of your issue. A water test┬áis a great place to start. Have your water tested to see if your water is infected with chlorine and if it is, at what level. Once you understand this, you can begin to take the next steps in getting clean, healthy water for your home. There are several filter options designed for any need you may have. One great option if you have a chlorine problem is a whole-house water filter. A filter like this one will filter all the water that comes into your house so that you will not have to suffer from chlorine on your hair or skin.

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