Types Of Water Filters: Benefits and Disadvantages

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Types Of Water Filters: Benefits and Disadvantages

The quality of public tap water is something people are becoming more and more aware of. Because of the harmful contaminants found in the public water, people are beginning to install home water filters. With all of the filters available, it can be overwhelming and challenging to try to find the right filter for your needs. Here are some water filter options and their benefits and disadvantages.

Pitcher Filters

Pitcher filters are pretty much just what they sound like. They are water pitchers that simultaneously function as water filters. How it works is you pour your tap water into the pitcher, and it runs through the filter. You can then pour the water from the pitcher to your cup. This filter is less expensive than some other filters, but where you save on money, you pay in lack of quality and efficiency. While, yes, this option does clean your water to some extent, it does not entirely filter very much. It is also super inefficient and not convenient. The filter, however, may be a good option for one or two people.

Tap Filters

Tap filters are filters that connect directly to your faucet and filter what comes from your tap. This filter is easy to install and typically pretty inexpensive. The filter cartridges, however, need to be replaced often especially if your home uses a lot of water. The filter replacements can be expensive, and if you are replacing them often the cost can add up. Another disadvantage is the filter does not always fit on all faucets, and it can affect your water’s pressure.

Counter-Top Filters

This type of filter sits on your counter and distributes filtered water. They are easy to install and do not get clogged. They are also a good option because they can filter a lot of water. One disadvantage is that they create clutter on countertops.

Under-the-Sink Filters

These filters, as you may guess, filter your water from under the sink. This is a good quality because they are entirely out of sight. They typically require professional installation. These filters usually cost more, but only for their quality and effectiveness. They also filter at a fast rate and do not affect your water pressure.

Whole-House Filters

A whole-house water filter filters all the water in your house to make sure you are getting clean water at every place in your home. This is beneficial because it cleans the water you drink as well as the water that is used on your skin and hair. Users of this filter have noticed a significant difference in the health of their skin, hair, and body. Because this filter comes with abundant benefits, it is more costly than the others on this list. It also requires professional installation.

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