Water Bottle Brands: What They Are Really Selling

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Water Bottle Brands: What They Are Really Selling

Water bottle companies have become good at convincing buyers that the water they are drinking is better than it really is. Sometimes bottled water is no better, or even worse, than tap water. So what are these water bottle brands really selling?


Smart water, according to their website, comes from municipal water systems. This is just a longer way of saying tap. Although the water originally comes from the tap, it is filtered. Allegedly, the water is stripped of everything but hydrogen and oxygen. Electrolytes and minerals are then put back into the water “for taste.”


There is only one thing in a bottle of Aquafina water, and that is tap water. PepsiCo, the brand owners, claim the water goes through an elaborate filtration process. It is unknown if this is true or not because bottled water is not regulated like tap water. Legally, anything can be in the water that you drink from a plastic bottle.


Dasani bottles promise pure, still water. This, however, is not the case. When the brand was investigated, it was found that what is really in their bottles is filtered tap water. One ingredient found in Dasani water is magnesium sulfate, which can cause malformation in an embryo.


Evian water truly is sourced from spring water. It is filled with minerals and vitamins, giving it a unique tase and a smooth feel. The water has a similar pH level to your mouth and a large amount of calcium.


Fiji water is bottled in the country of Fiji. Although it naturally contains minerals, it does not have enough minerals to be considered mineral water. Fiji water does not have any extra nutritional benefits, but it is a good source of drinking water.

Nestle Pure Life

Another source of overpriced tap water is Nestle Pure Life. They take tap water and run it through a water filter. Once all the contaminants are cleared out, they add more in. They add in calcium chloride, a compound of salt, calcium, and chlorine. Another additive is sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda. Also, magnesium sulfate, or epsom salt.

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