Ahwatukee Water Report
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 Ahwatukee Water Report

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Harmful Chemicals Found in Ahwatukee's Drinking Water

Below is a list of some of the harmful chemicals found in Ahwatukee's water report. Please click the "View Your City's Report" underneath to review the full report. Because contaminate levels vary depending on location, Test My Water will provide a water test right from your home. The in home test will typically focuses on the same contaminants found in your city's water test such as Chlorine, Lead, Arsenic, Nitrates and others.

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 Ahwatukee Water Report
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Yes, it's really free. Test My Water collects your local city's EPA required water test and match it against a free in home water test performed by a Test My Water local partner. We then share this data with local homeowners, municipalities and businesses in the clean water industry with the goal of creating awareness and being a catalyst towards solutions to the current water crisis that many in the US are facing.

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The contaminates listed above are a sample of the contaminants found in the city water report. We recommend downloading the city report to see a full list of contaminants and the level of these contaminates. Having the contaminate highlighted on this page or in the city report does not indicate that the contaminate is above the EPA approved level. We recommend matching the level in the city report with EPA approval levels that should be displayed in the city water report.

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