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Fill in your zipcode below to see your city's latest water report. Test My Water provides free water reports from the city and shows what contaminants have been found in your water.

Why Do We Test?

Test My Water was started by a marketing and investment firm after being introduced to the clean water industry and learning the extent of the home water contamination issues. The vision behind Test My Water is to collect every city's EPA required water test and match it against the home tests that Test My Water provides for homeowners. As we match the city data and the individual home data, we are able to provide consumers, city's and the clean water industry with vital information needed to diagnose and work towards solutions.

Test My Water is a for-profit company that provides free tests and water data to local homeowners. Requirements for homeowners to receive the test are that they allow the data to be made public. We ask that the data be posted on the Test My Water site and you, as the homeowner, post on Facebook. We also request that the participating homeowner receiving the test to call the certified third party to review clean water options. Test My Water is not affiliated with the local partner, but requires any solution presented by a clean water company in the Test My Water program be from a reputable solution such as Westinghouse or GE.

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