Why It Is Important to Get Your Water Tested

Everyone wants to make sure they are drinking clean, healthy water. A water test is the best first step to getting the best water you can. Having your water tested is an important step in getting clean water, but why is a water test so important?

Understand Exactly What is in Your Water

With a water test, you will be able to see exactly what is infecting your home’s water. Almost all drinking water is infected in some way. After you have your water tested, you will be able to see exactly what specifically is polluting your water. You will be able to see the exact contaminants flowing through your faucets. On top of this, the test will show you how much of each contaminant is in your water. While you can find a city-wide water quality report for where you live, your home will likely differ from that report. Some contaminants may be more or less of an issue in your home. If there is contaminant polluting your home’s water that is not a problem on the city report, you can assume it is an individual issue rather than a city-wide problem. If this is the case, you can figure out what the problem is and find out how to target it.

Know How to Get Clean Water

Once you understand what is in your water, you can begin to figure out how to deal with the problem. There is an abundance of different water filters available to help you get clean water in your home. Some filters are designed to target a specific set of common water contaminants. Once you know what contaminants you are being exposed to, you can use a water filter to target these pollutants. Knowing what is in your water can help you figure out what kind of filter you want and need. You may want to opt for a more extensive filter like a whole-house filter option, or you may decide you only need something smaller such as a faucet filter to provide you with clean water at a single spot. Whatever option you choose, knowing what you need is the first step to getting clean, safe water for your family.

Keep Your Home and Family Safe

As I stated earlier, having your water tested is the first step to ensuring that you keep your home and family safe. Your water may be infected with a harmful contaminant that is endangering your family, and you may have no idea. Most pollutants are completely undetectable, but still extremely harmful. A water test will likely highlight a problem you did not know you had or did not even consider as something to be worried about.

Types of Water Filters

There are several different types of water filters, designed to fit any need you may have. There are some smaller, less expensive options such as pitcher filters which do not need to be installed and have little maintenance. The disadvantages to these smaller filters are that they are often less extensive and can only hold small amounts of water. There are also point-of-use filter options that will clean your water at a specific source such as your kitchen sink. These kinds of options could include a tap filter, under-the-sink filter, or a counter-top filter. You may also want to invest in a whole-house water filter. With this option, your filter system will filter all the water that comes into your home so that you will have filtered water flowing from every spot in your home.

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