Why Should I Have My Home’s Tap Water Tested?

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Why Should I Have My Home’s Tap Water Tested?

Even if there is nothing explicitly concerning about your home’s tap water, it is always a good idea to have it tested. Several harmful contaminants in water are easily detectable by their odor, taste, or color, but many dangerous pollutants are impossible to detect without a water test. It is a wise idea to make sure you and your family are safe and healthy.

How Often Should You Have Your Water Tested?

The best way to make sure the water in your home is continuously safe for you and your family is to have it tested at least every year. You should check for total coliform bacteria, nitrates, total dissolved solids, and pH levels.

When You Should Specifically Get a Water Test

If you do not decide to get your water tested annually, there are some specific times that you should get your water tested to ensure safety for the people in your home.

New Well

It is a good idea to have your water tested if you have recently installed a new well in your home. This well could bring new, harmful contaminants into your water.

New Pipes

Pipe corrosion is a common way for several contaminants to make their way into your water. If you get new pipes installed in your home, it would be wise to test your water to make sure that these new pipes are not depositing any additional pollutants in your water.

Someone Is Pregnant or Nursing

Unborn and newborn babies are especially sensitive to water contaminants. It is safe to test for nitrate specifically during the early months of pregnancy, before bringing the infant home, and during the child’s first six months of life. Nitrate is a contaminant that can be especially harmful to an infant.

Noticeable Taste, Odor, or Staining Issues

If you notice a change in your water’s taste, an unpleasant odor, or staining issues, you should have your water tested. These issues could be a result of some contaminants such as sulfate, chloride, iron, manganese, or hardness.

Price of a Water Test

Constantly testing your water quality can get expensive. A small at home test can cost around $10-$30, but a more extensive kit that tests more can be about $50-$150. It does not have to be expensive to make sure your water is safe. That is why Testmywater.org tests your water for you for free. They will send someone to your home to make sure the test is done effectively and efficiently. They will test several common contaminants, give you your results, and give you some options for how to make sure you are drinking clean water, all for free.

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